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Una is a 29-year-old trainee doctor who takes pleasure in planking, relaxing and drone photography. She is brilliant and energetic, but can likewise be really afraid and a bit selfish. She is an Ethiopian Hindu. She has a degree in medication. Physically, Una is slightly overweight but otherwise in great shape. She is tall with chocolate skin, pink hair and brown eyes. She has a monobrow. She matured in an upper class neighbourhood. She was raised by her mom, her father having left when she was young. Una's best friend is a trainee doctor called Tim Nicholls. She also hangs around with Individual retirement account Gibson and Salma Powell.


Centro de Innovación y Calidad de la Docencia Universidad de Talca Av. Lircay s/n Talca - Chile 56 - 71 - 201729 56 - 71 - 201603