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We supply a large range of abilities in cam matching, providing multiple video camera matches throughout lots of various packaged variations. This technology could additionally be used to optimize your shipping savings by allowing you to run multiple versions in one print stream. In addition to camera-matched inserting, our Letter Shop also uses a full series of lettershop as well as mailing services including: • Single as well as multi-page folding • Bindery solutions • Metering and also Stamping • Nationwide and also regional drop delivery of mail • Trimming, tabbing as well as spot-gluing choices • Wafer Sealing • Multi-spot or solitary resolving making use of variable printing in approximately 4 separate places on our vast style inkjets • Shrink Wrapping or Automobile Poly-Bagging for booklets, brochures, magazines and more • Complete series of Packaging and Shipping options for United States and International circulation • Post-it Note attaching and automatic tag attaching


Centro de Innovación y Calidad de la Docencia Universidad de Talca Av. Lircay s/n Talca - Chile 56 - 71 - 201729 56 - 71 - 201603