Un valor ciudadano: La comprensión intersubjetiva

Ruth Elena Quiroz Posada, José Ramiro Galeano Londoño


This article describes two types of comprehension: objective or knowledge comprehension, and intersubjective or relational comprehension. Herein, it is precise their inherent relationship with citizenship education. Information issues are currently in a state of tremendous growth, but there is a lack of something essential: the comprehension of the others. It is possible to achieve this conception along with participative mediation process of feelings, empathy, identity, and the individual or collective perspective scope, in which is necessary the person seen as a whole, at the same time considering the emotional and affective dimensions from the inner structure, making possible a meaningful dialogue with sense. Different dialogue forms are experienced, not only with words, but with silence, gestures, and attitudes; the real dialogue is achieved with the recognition of the other, thus, the vicious circle of meaningless words is closed, and a new way of recognition is opened up towards the intersubjective comprehension, for the relational coexistence and the full sense of citizenship. The article contributes with a questionnaire applied to students of an undergraduate program in the Education Faculty at the University of Antioquia


Objective comprehension, intersubjective comprehension, language, empathy, identity, scope, generosity, will, ethics and politics.

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